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I Love Lucy: The Complete Second Season DVD

I Love Lucy: The Complete Second Season DVD


Enjoy every second season episode of "I Love Lucy" here.

Disc 1: "Job Switching," "The Saxophone," "The Anniversary Present," "The Handcuffs," "The Operetta," "Vacation from Marriage," and "The Courtroom."

Disc 2: "Redecorating," "Ricky Loses His Voice," "Lucy is Enceinte," "Pregnant Women Are Unpredictable," "Lucy's Showbiz Swan Song," and "Lucy Hires An English Tutor."

Disc 3: "Ricky Has Labor Pains," "Lucy Becomes A Sculptress," "Lucy Goes to the Hospital," "Sales Resistance," "The Inferiority Complex," and "The Club Election."

Disc 4: "The Black Eye," "Lucy Changes Her Mind," "No Children Allowed," "Lucy Hires a Maid," "The Indian Show," and "Lucy's Last Birthday."

Disc 5: "The Ricardos Change Apartments," "Lucy is Matchmaker," "Lucy Wants New Furniture," "The Camping Trip," "Ricky and Fred Are TV Fans," and "Never Do Business With Friends."

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