Discounts & Gift Certificates

    Discount Codes

    • Discount codes must be entered into the discount code field during checkout. If you don't, you must cancel your order and place it again. Be sure to contact store@lucy-desi.com to confirm
    • Discount codes automatically end at 11:59PM EST on the day the sale ends
    • You can use only one discount code per order
    • Discounts cannot be used on sale items or combined with another promotion
    • Some items are excluded from being discounted

    Member Discounts

    • Member discounts cannot be combined with any other offer
    • To receive your member discount, your member number must be put in the discount code field during checkout

    Gift Certificates 

    • If you have a gift certificate that was purchased January 1st, 2013 to current, you should be able to use the gift certificate during checkout
    • Our web store requires gift certificates to be eight characters long. If you have a gift certificate with only five characters, please add zeros to make it eight characters (EX. 30102 = 00030102).
    • If you are unsure when your certificate was purchased or purchased the gift certificate before January 1st, 2013 call us at 716-484-0800 to place your order
    • When you purchase a gift certificate on our Website, it will be snail mailed to you. It is not available for instant redeeming