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California, Here We Come

I Love Lucy "California, Here We Come!" was originally aired Season 4 as Episode 12 on January 10th, 1955.

Lucy gets a letter from her mother, saying that she wants to accompany the Ricardos on their road trip to California. Ricky is so mad about the prospect of Lucy's mother coming along that he refers to the Mertzes as "tagging along." Ethel overhears this comment, and soon, she and Fred announce that they don't want to go on the trip, either. Soon everybody makes up with one another, and the big day arrives! Fred and Ricky pack the car with the suitcases, but the women want to add a bunch of new junk. In the end, Ricky says that they can send the excess luggage ahead to California. When it's time to leave, Mrs. McGillicuddy announces that she gets carsick, and she had no idea that it would take 2 weeks to get to Hollywood from New York. It's decided that Lucy's mother will stay with Little Ricky in New York until the Ricardos and Mertzes arrive in Hollywood, then fly out when they're settled. Finally on the road, the foursome happily sing "California, Here I Come" while driving across the George Washington Bridge.