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LA At Last

I Love Lucy "L.A. at Last" was originally aired Season 4 as Episode 17 on February 7th, 1955.

Lucy and the the gang are excited to finally be in Hollywood! Ricky has to go to the studio, so Lucy and the Mertzes are on their own. Lucy suggests going to the Brown Derby for lunch to hunt celebrities. While there, Bill Holden sits in the booth behind Lucy. She can't stop staring at him all googly-eyed. Bill Holden decides to turn the tables and show Lucy what it's like to be constantly stared at. So, embarrassed Lucy has to try and eat her lunch with her favorite movie star gawking at her every move. Totally flustered, Lucy rushes out of the restaurant, and on her way out, she bumps into a waiter carrying a tray of pies. The pies spill all over  Holden.

Ricky runs into Holden at the MGM studio. Bill offers Ricky a ride home, and Ricky asks if he could come upstairs and meet Lucy. When Ricky tells Lucy Bill Holden's in the living room, she panics and pretends to not want to see him. Ricky says that, after Bill Holden was nice enough to come meet her, she was going to meet him!  Lucy stalls by saying she wants to fix her face a bit. When she comes out to meet Bill, she is disguised with a pair of rhinestone-studded glasses, her hair up in a kerchief, and a huge putty nose. When Bill Holden goes to light her cigarette, Lucy's nose catches on fire! The ruse is up, so Lucy reveals who she really is. Bill Holden surprises her by not telling Ricky what happened, only that he saw Lucy at the Brown Derby today at lunch. Lucy is so excited by Bill Holden's nice gesture that she kisses him. When she realizes who she just kissed, she faints in Holden's arms.